The big continent. We’ve been here twice and loved it more than we ever expected.

Kenya: Our last day in the bush

During the few remaining hours in Kenya I almost married Kim off, we saw cheetah, and we got to drive through Nairobi.

Kenya: Lake Amboseli

After leaving Finch Hattons we traveled northwest a short way to Amboseli National Park, where we had the best game viewing of the entire trip.

Kenya: Tsavo West and Finch Hattons

After one more night in Arusha at the Mountain Village, we drove to the Kenya border and met with our new guides, Charles and Albert. They drove us into another…

Tanzania: Kira Wira

The last part of our trip through Tanzania involved posh tents instead of hotel rooms, and we got very close to some feeding lions.

Tanzania: Into the Serengeti

In the third part of our story, we move into the vast Serengeti and finally get to see some carnivores eating.

Tanzania: Ngorongoro Crater

The second part of our story includes visits to beautiful Ngorongoro Crater and a small Maasai tribal village.

Tanzania: Arrival and Lake Manyara

Our trip began in the northern Tanzania city of Arusha, where we spent more time the first few days meeting people than seeing animals. It was nice to meet the…


Unfortunately for me, I had to fly back to Seattle after we left Zambia. But lucky for Kim and most of the rest of the group, she got to carry…

Victoria Falls

The highlight of trip to Zambia was a visit to Victoria Falls, the largest waterfall in the world. At one mile wide and over 100 meters high, the falls are…


We left Botswana by boat, crossing the Zambezi river into Zambia. From there we took a bus to a resort named the Zambezi Sun. It was nice, but it lacked…