Ahh, Paris

During the last weekend in April, Kim and I spent four days wandering the streets of Paris, the city that hosted our honeymoon three years earlier. It did rain a couple of the days, but it was still warmer than here in the UK, although you wouldn’t know that by looking at all the coat-and-scarf-wearing Parisians. You’d think it was March in New England they way some of them dress. The chunnel train is pretty nice and except for the vomiting little girl on the trip home, it is a very pleasant way to get around. When the train is in France it hits a top speed of 180 mph. You don’t really notice it until the train comes up next to the highway and you just blow by all those little Peugeots. For whatever reason, the UK tracks are not up to snuff so the train only travels around 100mph on this side of the chunnel. How sad, but the workers are busy laying new rails to speed up the England leg of the trip. The trip is about three hours long and the chunnel part is only 20 minutes. While there is obvious excitement as you approach the tunnel, moving through it is pretty anticlimactic given that there is absolutely nothing to see.

Paris was wonderful, as always. We arrived on Saturday and after a brief nap in our hotel room, we got some sandwiches from room service. The Camembert cheese they put with the ham is to die for. After our nap we went and saw a diamond exhibit at the Museum of Natural History. We spent most of our days wandering the streets and eating in cafes. Tuesday was a big holiday there, so much of the sights were closed, but we found some fun stuff to do in one of the many open parks.

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