Nessie and the Swedes

Watching TV news the other day we learned that there is a group of Swedish scientists currently scanning Loch Ness with high-end sonar looking for the famous monster. They have a large net attached to the back of their boat, and they hope to obtain a DNA sample from the creature when they find it. During this little live bit of news, the reporter interviewed a few local folks to get their opinion of it all. One fellow, who was wearing something similar to the “puffy shirt” from Seinfeld but otherwise looked like a normal guy, said he had hired a White Witch to cast a spell to prevent the scientists from finding old ‘Nessie’. The second bloke was a humorless uniformed officer from the Northern Constabulary (a fun pair of words to hear a Scotsman say), and he went on to explain that if the scientists were able to obtain a sample of the DNA, they would be doing so without the proper permits for wildlife research. It was too surreal. No word on their status recently, but I’m sure they won’t find much.

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