Stonehenge and Bath

We did a little road trip one Saturday out to Stonehenge and the old English city of Bath. Stonehenge was cool, but because of foot and mouth much of the walk around it is still closed off, so it was a little tight on the small cement part. While we were there we signed up for a membership in the nonprofit English Heritage organization. It gets us free membership into various landmarks and into members-only events. Kim found a listing for a tour of an old London Theatre in June. We’ll let you know how that turns out.

In Bath we saw the pool used by the Roman Empire as part of a large-scale bathing/sauna facility. It was pretty cool. The museum is well done. There seem to be lots of portable audio tour thingies at museums here. Nothing bulky like you get at the Experience Music Project, but something that looks like an oversize cell phone. Very easy to use, if not always of impressive sound quality

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