Kim’s birthday

My little sweet had her first birthday abroad last month. We spent the weekend in London to celebrate, and a few days later she skipped work to spend the day at a London spa. We’ve got a few pics (not from the spa, but from the general birthday events).

We spent most of our time during her birthday shopping in the city. We paid a visit to the famous London department store Harrods where we saw a number of interesting things including a $43,000 diamond-studded wristwatch and the Diana/Dodi memorial (Harrods is owned by Dodi’s father, Mohamed). Well wishers can gaze upon the large diamond engagement ring Dodi purchased and Diana’s unwashed wine glass taken from her last meal at the Hotel Ritz. The memorial is tucked away in one of the theme-decorated escalator rooms and is quite popular.

The food shop is amazing and is actually the oldest part of the store. We plan to return their for lunch someday. Harrods is also the first department store I’ve ever seen that has a department dedicated to selling its own souvenir merchandise. Anyone need a box of Harrods pens? Or maybe a Harrods snow globe? How about a small bear with a Harrods t-shirt?

On Saturday night we caught a play at one of London’s many historic theatres. We saw Feelgood, a cynical comedy about the effect of spin control on modern politics. Although set in Britain, the themes easily could’ve been appropriate to a US audience.

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