Il Duomo

We flew out of Athens on a warm Friday afternoon and into the northern Italian metropolis of Milan.

Our first stop was the city’s cathedral, known as the Duomo. The fifth largest religious building in the world, the Duomo was started in 1386 and finished in 1965. Yes, that’s nearly 600 years of work interrupted by the occasional war or other funding crisis. Initial restoration works then began in 2003.

It took us two tries to visit the Duomo. The first time Kim was wearing a tank top and the armed guards at the entrances won’t stand for that. We saw them turn away both men and women in short shorts and skirts, too. So the second time we visited we both made sure to properly cover our assets.

Unusual for a church, the exterior is far more ornate than the interior. Here’s what we saw as we walked inside, around, and atop this architectural marvel.

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