Down Under

My first overseas trip was here some 25 years ago

Wellington Botanic Garden

One morning in Wellington we rode the funicular from downtown up to the city’s hillside botanic garden. We worked our way back down the hill through the gardens before heading…

Around Wellington

We only had four days in windy Wellington, but we made good use of our time and saw quite a bit. The city is small and compact, which makes for…

The Wellington Christmas parade

After we left Auckland we flew south to the capital city of Wellington. Located on the south end of the North Island, the city is a quarter the size of Auckland and is much more compact.


After we got a nice nights sleep following our 58-hour trip, we spent a week touring New Zealand’s largest city. In addition to our tour of Waiheke Island, we also…

Waiheke Island

On our first full day in Auckland the sun came out, and to make the most of a warm spring day we took the ferry out to nearby Waiheke Island….

The long trip

While we were booking the first steps of this adventure, it took us some time to come up with a way to get from South America to New Zealand. While you can buy plane tickets that fly direct from Chile to New Zealand, they aren’t cheap.