North America

Where we live

Florida ’04

In late May we took a week-long trip to Florida to visit relatives and see Disney World. It had been fifteen years since my last trip there. As much as…

Momma G’s 60th

In April 2004 we flew to Phoenix for Kim's Mom's 60th birthday. These are some pictures from the trip.


Stuff from our past that I'm too lazy to organize into separate albums.

Stuff I’ve been wanting to post

This is just a bunch of photos that I've taken within the first year I bought my digital camera. I don't have the time to organize them properly, so I'll…

Christmas in America

For the holidays this past winter we flew back to the motherland to visit family and friends. Oh, and we ate a lot of Mexican food. That’s always a good…


At the end of January we spent a week back in good old Seattle. It was our first visit back to the states since we left. I spent most of…