North America

Where we live

San Francisco March ’09

For our 2009 anniversary trip we returned to the city by the bay. It was my first visit in over ten years. I won't wait that long to go back,…

I’m 40!

I turned 40 this past January, and to celebrate we had a little party the Garage on Capitol Hill. My sister flew up from San Diego and she took pictures…

Southern California 8/08

In August we took a short trip to Cali to visit with members of both sides of the family. We also got to tour a retired aircraft carrier.


We often play around town with our friends, here are some of the photos I take when I remember to bring my camera.

Olympic National Park

In July '07 Kim's mother came for a visit. During her trips we always make a point to travel to one of the nearby mountain ranges. This year we returned…

Portland birthday ’06

For my birthday in January we spent the rainy weekend in Portland. The highlights of the trip were the restaurant Andina and the submarine at the science museum.

Washington DC Spring ’05

In April of 2005 Kim made her first trip to our nation’s capitol. We spent a wonderful week touring the sites and even ran into a power broker or two….

Belize in November ’04

After we left Guatemala, we spent four days on the beach in Belize. We did next to nothing the entire time. These are the photos to prove it.

Guatemalan Thanksgiving and Wedding ’04

That Thanksgiving we traveled to Guatemala and Belize. We went to Guatemala for a wedding. We went to Belize just for us.


These are family photos from my collection of unposted pix.