A hike around El Valle

On Sunday we took our second trip outside of town and accompanied Kevin from Barefoot Panama¬†on a trip to El Valle de Anton, a small village inside of an extinct…

Punta Culebra and the Panama Canal

On Saturday the 12th we did a day tour through part of the city near the cruise ship terminal where the Smithsonian manages a wildlife reserve. The area was once…

Walking along the Cinta Costera

After a full day of rest and doing next to nothing, we decided to head out for a long walk on a hot day. Panama City’s new waterfront park is called the Cinta Costera.

Walking through Casco Viejo

After a full day where we caught up on our sleep, we wandered out into the streets of our hotel’s neighborhood, Casco Viejo. The area is the second oldest part…

Day 1!

We landed in Panama after connecting via a red-eye flight through Miami. It’s plenty hot here. Our hotel has air conditioning in the individual rooms, but the halls are only…

Kim and the Rock and Roll half marathon

In June Kim decided to run her second half marathon. She ran her first back in 2009, and wanted to run another. This time she signed up for the Rock and Roll half marathon that winds its way through Seattle. But the hilly course was not to her liking and she didn’t have anywhere near as much fun.

New house snow!

In January of 2012 we got a few inches of snow on a Sunday afternoon of a three-day weekend. Since we didn’t want to drive, we walked out to University Village and did a little shopping. These are the pix from our neighborhood at the start of the walk.


After Buenos Aires we ended the trip with three days in the capital of Chile. We knew absolutely nothing about the place before we got there, and at the end…

Buenos Aires

After leaving the relative quiet of Mendoza, we flew south to the big city of Buenos Aires. A lively place where the nightlife never ends, we spent five days touring…


Our first stop on our three-city tour of South America was Argentina's wine-country capital of Mendoza.