Belize in November ’04

After we left Guatemala, we spent four days on the beach in Belize. We did next to nothing the entire time. These are the photos to prove it.

Guatemalan Thanksgiving and Wedding ’04

That Thanksgiving we traveled to Guatemala and Belize. We went to Guatemala for a wedding. We went to Belize just for us.


These are family photos from my collection of unposted pix.

New Orleans

In September ’04, Kim and I traveled to the Big Easy to hang out with her dad and stepmother. They were in town for a zoo conference and we flew…

Florida ’04

In late May we took a week-long trip to Florida to visit relatives and see Disney World. It had been fifteen years since my last trip there. As much as…

Momma G’s 60th

In April 2004 we flew to Phoenix for Kim's Mom's 60th birthday. These are some pictures from the trip.


Stuff from our past that I'm too lazy to organize into separate albums.

Stuff I’ve been wanting to post

This is just a bunch of photos that I've taken within the first year I bought my digital camera. I don't have the time to organize them properly, so I'll…

We’re coming home

As you may or may not have heard we’re moving back to Seattle at the end of June. We’ll be back in the USA just in time for its (and…


About a 35-minute train ride out of Naples is the famous archaeological site of Pompeii. A Roman city that was buried in ash when the volcano Vesuvius erupted in AD…